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How to manage all Subscriptions?

Articles on: SubBox

In this article, we will show you the important feature that helps you manage all subscriptions. Let's explore it!

On Subscription Management section, you can search the subscription by subscription ID, customer's name or customer's mail

You can also sort the subscription by status/ plan types or by date

And filter the subscription by create date and status

Clicking on any subscription if you want to check the details. In this interface, you will view the product and revenue (not including the taxes) of the subscription, billing policies, customer information, payment information, billing schedule, billing history. Also, you can completely edit them as pause or cancel the subscription as agreement with your customer.

Subscription Details

You can change the price, quantity, shipping fee. Please note: the Total only includes the sale price and shipping fee, not including the taxes.


You can change your customer note and then it will be shown in the Notes box of the next orders on your Shopify admin.

Customer's payment method & information

In Billing Policies, you can change the order frequency, subscription can only be cancelled after those order, subscriptions expire after those order

In Customer Information, you can change the customer's address and shipping information such as name, email, phone, shipping address, city,...

In Payment Information, you can choose another card that your customer used to pay for you after discussing with them and then send the email related to the update of the payment method to your customer.

Your customer will receive an email regarding the update of their payment method for your store. They can click on the Confirm payment information button to confirm that.


In Billing Schedule, you will see the order days of the subscription plan per month or year. In addition, in some cases, you can edit the create order date if your customer requires you such as reschedule, order now, skip order.

- Reschedule: the feature allows you to move the order day and it will automatically move the subsequent orders corresponding to keep the frequency. This feature only supports for the next order day.

- Charge customer now: the feature allows you to create an order right away if your customer wants to order before the next order date.
_For example: if the next order day is 16th January, you can order now today 15th January. After the processing is finished, you can see the order is created on Billing History, and the next order is moving forward follow by your fulfillment frequency

- Skip order: the feature allows you to skip the following order if your customer request. Hover into the date that your customer wants to skip the order and do action.

After editing, all new setting will apply to the subsequent orders. Please note that all edit features such as edit customer information/ pause subscription/ cancel subscription,... are only available for the Pay as you go and Prepaid (auto renew) plans, not the Prepaid because it only charges once when customer places an order on website, then the subscription will terminate.

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Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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