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How to create a subscription with plan type Prepaid (auto renew)?

Articles on: SubBox

With SubBox, you can set advanced prepaid rules and it is really handy as automatically renew the billing cycle.
Visit Apps > SubBox > Subscription > Plan tab > click on the Create a Plan button

Follow this tutorial below.

Plan Types

Prepaid (auto renew) is an upper-level Prepaid One-time plan. Nevertheless, it will automatically renew the billing cycle until they cancel the subscription.

Here's an example to help you understand this feature better:
If your subscriber buys a product (the price is $5) that has a Prepaid plan with Fulfillment frequency is every 2 days, Number or fulfillment (times) is 10, and the discount is $2, they will be charge $48 ($5 x 10 - $2 ). And then you will have an order that will be posted on your Shopify order's section with 10 fulfillments, you will need to fulfill them by yourself on your Shopify admin. After finishing 10 fulfillment, the subscriber will be automatically charged until they cancel the subscription.

Click the dropdown menu and select Prepaid (auto renew)

Fulfillment frequency

The time between two continuous purchases with the time unit is days/weeks/months/years

Eg. If you fill out 2 days here, it means delivery every 2 days

Display Name

Please enter the name’s plan that will be visible to your customers. Let’s make it understandable to your customers

Eg. If you enter 2 day in Fulfillment Frequency, the Display Name can be "Delivery every 2 days"

Number or fulfillments (times)

The number or fulfillment (times) is the number of fulfillment/ delivery in a order

Eg. If your number or fulfillments is 10, then your delivery time will be 10 times.

Subscription can only be cancelled after those billing cycle (optional)

The fewest number of billing cycles are required to purchase before the customers can cancel the subscription. Default value is 1

Eg. 5 orders means at least five purchases is compulsory to made in order to cancel the subscription.

Subscriptions expire after those billing cycle (optional)

The highest number billing cycles that customers can place, and after the maximum number is reached, it automatically cancels subscriptions. If you blank this field, customers will need to cancel it manually if they want to stop it

Eg. 10 orders means the subscription will be automatically canceled when the 10th order completes.

Discount (optional)

Once you set a discount for the subscription plan, it cannot be disabled. If you want to remove the discount for the subscription plan, you need to remove this subscription plan and create a new one without the discount offer

There are 3 options to set the discount:
- None
- Fixed amount: You can set the amount of money that you give a discount per subscription plan
- Percentage: You can set the percentage that you give a discount per subscription plan

Eg. If you set fixed amount with $5. The subscription plan will be deducted $5

Please click Add more plan option to add more frequency for a subscription plan

You can preview the subscription widget how showing on your product page with the Preview feature before click the Save button to save your subscription plan.

For more details, please refer to this article: HERE

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Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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