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How long does it take for my product feed to be created and submitted on Google Merchant Center/Facebook Catalog?

After you create a product feed on Google or Facebook, our app goes through three steps: import products from your store to the feed, submit the products to Google/Facebook, and fetch the product's status back to the app. To keep you informed of each step, we add the Progress Bar at the bottom right.

1. Import products

The first thing our app will do is importing products from your store to the feed. Depending on the amount of products you have, the import process should be done under an hour.

1.2 Internal Validation

This is an extra step that our app does right after importing products to your feed. Specifically, our app proactively informs you of the possible common Google Merchant Center errors, so that you can review and fix them right away.

Clearly, fixing the suggested errors before submitting increases your chance of feed approval by a great deal. The next great benefit is you do not need to wait for Google to return the errors (this process usually takes 1-3 days).

The suggested errors are displayed under the column Error from Merchant Center. Simply hover your mouse to see the full description of the error, so that you can fix them using Field Mapping.

The suggested internal errors will be displayed only once when you first create your feed. After your products' status is fetched as in step 3, the internal errors will disappear.

2. Submit products

After the products are imported to the feed, our app starts submitting them to the shopping channel of your choice (Google or Facebook).

Regarding Google, you can see the feed there after around 30 minutes with the name Your feed name - FeedHub.

Regarding Facebook, you can see the data source for the feed within 10-15 minutes. The data source's name follows the format of [Feed name] - FeedHub.

3. Fetch product status

After the submit process is completed, our app begins to fetch products' status (Approved, Pending, Disapproved, Error, Activated, Deactivated) from Google/Facebook to the app. This process runs for around 30 minutes for both channels. During the process, all your products will have Pending status.

Once this process completes, you will be able to see the feed's performance (how many products are approved/disapproved, what kind of error they encounter).

Once you update your product, our app will re-sync and re-submit the new product data. If there is any change in the product's status on shopping channel, the app will also re-fetch the status. This submit process happens by default once every 8 hours (you can reset the sync and submit schedule to suit your needs).

If you have any further question about Facebook Catalog and Facebook product feed, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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