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What does Pending status on Google Merchant Center mean?

Why are my products shown as Pending?

When you create a product feed for the first time, your items and website will be subject to an initial review to ensure they meet Google's policies. This process can take up to 3 business days and during that time your products will show as "Pending".

If the review is successful, your products will be displayed as "Approved".

How does the review process go?

If your products or website are not in compliance with Google's policies, you will receive a warning email with more details about the issue and how to fix it and a timeframe in which to fix your issues (usually 7 days). 

During the warning period, your products will continue to appear in Shopping ads. The warning will also be displayed in-app under Errors from Merchant Center column.

Internal Validation

When you created the feed for the first time, your product status will be Pending, but with FeedHub, you don't need to wait for the sales channels to return an error, we'll define the error based on those data that we had.

You're able to know what's problem with your feed then learn how to fix them and submit to channel again. It will help you to reduce waiting time from Google or Facebook channel. And it also increases the chance that your product feed will be approved.

Once you've done of creating feed, under column Error, a small blue notification named Internal Error will show, easily hover your mouse to the notification to see your issue in detail so that you find out the way how to fix them.

How can I speed up the review process?

To help speed up the process, make sure that all data submitted complies with all current Google's rules and policies.

First, you should match your product's data with Google's product data specification. In the article, Google lists all the attributes along with their minimum requirements, best practices and examples.

Next, you should follow these tips to optimize your product data. Some notable tips are to highlight important product details, use high quality images, provide your most accurate product data and match it to your landing page.

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Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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