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Create and upload a product feed to Facebook catalog

Besides creating product feed(s) on Google Merchant Center, you can also create a Facebook product feed, optimize it and adjust its settings with our app. Let us guide you through the whole process.

In this article:

A. Why do I need to create a Facebook product feed?
B. How to create a Facebook feed?
C. Use Mapping and Rules to optimize your feed
D. Use Category Mapping to assign a category to your products
E. Adjust the settings of your feed

Why do I need to create a Facebook product feed?

What is a product feed?

Simply put, a product feed contains the products from your store that you would like to display in your Facebook ads.

Why do I need to create one?

With roughly 2.8 billion active monthly users as of the fourth quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. The competition between sellers is undeniably fierce, but the opportunity to grow your business and tap into new audiences is endless.

Moreover, Facebook is continuously rolling out new features to captalise on the huge shift to social commerce, so all businesses can sell online easily.

Specifically, by creating a Facebook product feed, you can advertise and sell your products through both Facebook (using Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace) and Instagram (using Instagram Shop) with no upfront cost.

How to create a Facebook feed?

Before you begin, you need to have a Business Manager account and a Facebook Page for your business.

Then, you need to create a Facebook Catalog to contain your product feed(s). Finally, you can create a product feed in our app and have it submitted to the newly created catalog.

Create a Facebook Catalog for our app

To create a catalog, go to Commerce Manager > Choose Create a catalog > Click Get Started > Choose Upload Product Info as the upload method

Choose your Facebook Business account as a Catalog Owner > Input the name for your catalog > Click Create (Please be noted that the FeedHub account is only for illustration purpose).

Create a Facebook product feed

Instead of the pop-up in previous version, now FeedHub guides you to create your feed right in-app. This flow is more informative and easier to follow, and offers you more information about your feed.

Go to Feed Center > Click on Add Feed > Choose Connect with Facebook Catalog > Log into your Facebook Business account and grant our app permission stated within the pop-up

Then, you will be taken to the Create Feed page. You need to input the Feed Name, choose your Facebook Business Account and the Catalog ID that you just created.
Next, choose the Source (the store) you want to sync product from. If you have more than one store, you can choose more than one source.
Finally, you can also choose the exact product to be included in your feed using Product Filter. You can either include products manually by inserting their IDs or set up rules to filter specific product groups.

Later on, you can input the Language and Country of your feed on Commerce Manager. Simply click on your Catalog > Go to Settings > Choose General > Click Edit.

After you create your feed, you can see the estimated time of when the feed will be created. You are also provided with a document to indicate how long it will take for your feed to appear on Facebook.

At first, the status of products will be Pending as they are being uploaded to Facebook. After they are uploaded, they will have the Activated status, and you can see them appear on your Facebook Catalog account.

You can find the created feed appears in Feed Center with information such as Feed URL and Feed ID. You can learn more about the Feed URL and its benefit here.

Use Mapping and Rules to optimize your feed

Both of these functions can be used to add missing required data, resolve errors/warnings or optimize your feed. However, Rules gives you greater flexibility and control over your product data. Let's see the difference between the two functions.

Mapping allows you to modify or assign the value of a product field and apply this value to all of your products.

Meanwhile, Rules allow you to modify or assign a value to only a specific product group by conditions

Use Category Mapping to assign a category to your products

This function is created so you can assign a Facebook Product Category to all of your products. Please refer to this article to know how to optimize your product categories to match with customer search terms.

Adjust the settings of your feed

This is where you can see the feed information (feed name, ID, catalog name, catalog ID), setting up your submit schedule and adjust the product source filter. Please refer to this article to learn more.

If you have any further question about Facebook Catalog and Facebook product feed, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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