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How to fix common errors in Google Merchant Center (Mismatched Value [Price] (Page Crawl))

Mismatched Value [Price] (Page Crawl)

This happens because Google crawled price from the website first, then you changed the price after. Whenever Google’s system finds a mismatch between crawled price and the price uploaded in the feed, the system disapproves that item ID. These kinds of disapprovals are completely automated.

Since the process is fully automated, the items will get approved automatically after fixing the price issue in the Merchant Center data feed. Google crawlers crawl all the disapproved items every 1-3 business days, so if the issue is fixed from your source, you need to wait to get the items crawled again.

If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, do not hesitate to drop us a message in the live chat or email us at We would love to help you out!

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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