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How to use Feed Image Optimization feature

With the aim of developing the most comprehensive application for our users, we released Feed Image Optimization feature.

This feature helps you to edit product images in bulk in your feed to declare to Google Merchant Center and Facebook without having to edit each product image on your website.

What is Batch?

With all-in-one batch, you can simply turn product images into the images fit to specifications required by any channel such as Facebook, Google, and etc. You can define editing flow in order to automatically edit all images in bulk.

When batch is running, the app automatically performs editing actions like crops, add pic, add tag and more on product images.

Please go to the Feed Image Optimization, click Create > Enter your Batch name and Choose a feed that you want to adjust

Step to process

1. Choose Products

You can enable Include specific products or Include products by rule to choose the products that you want to adjust their product image. If you don't enable them, all products will be chosen.

2. Schedule

Start date: The time to apply image optimization in batch
End date: The time to end of image optimization in batch

3. Add Action

There are 6 actions that you can add on the batch. Please click Add Action to select the action you want to use to adjust your image.

Google requires that the product image is a photo of the product that does not contain any other information such as logos, promotions, etc. Therefore, we highly recommend that you only use Crop and Resize action for Google Feed.


This action allows you to edit the product aspect ratio to your demand. For example, your product images are rectangular, but you want to make it square.

At Fixed ratio, you can choose the frames that are available, as well as the focus point position of the images.

Or you can manually enter the aspect ratio you want at Custom ratio.


This action helps you to shrink or enlarge your image. For example, your image has an original size of 300x300px, you want to adjust it to 600x600px. You can also choose how to resize and the Background color style.

Also, you can use the Optimized with FeedHub feature. Allow me to explain to you about this feature.

The Optimized with FeedHub (Optimize images with Affine Clamp) feature use the Affine Clamp effect performs an affine transform on a source image and then clamps the pixels at the edge of the transformed image, extending them outwards.

You can use this filter when you need to blur an image but you want to avoid a soft, black fringe along the edges.

For example
- Before

- After

Add Pic

This action allows you to add an image to the product images, such as a logo or icon that you want. At here, you can upload the image from your computer, then choose the Size, Opacity, Style, Span, Position to make it look better.

Add Tag

With this action, you can add information Tag promotions, discounts, .. to attract the buyer. At here, you will choose one of the available Template Tags, then you can edit the Tag content, Size, Opacity, Position of Tag on the product images.

Add Text

You can also use this action to display the website name watermark, promotional information, etc. At here, you can enter the Text content, select the Font, Color, Size, Opacity, Position that you want the text to display.


At here, you can choose from a number of available frame templates to use for your product images. You can also select Image mode and enter Content for the Frame.

In case you don't want to use any previously set action, you can delete it easily, hover over the action you want to delete and then click on the X on the right to delete it.

In case you would like to preview the image of specific products, you can click Preview on specific products, the app will open a popup, then, you can click into the drop down arrow and choose the image that you want to preview.
Please note: you can only select 3 variants and that variants need to have the variant image.

After that, please click Back to all images to preview all images.

4. Preview

You can preview the advertisements or products display in each format and placement. After the preview is done, please click the Save Batch button to complete your setup.

If you want to edit some actions in the batch, you can click on the batch name to re-set up it.

In addition, you can deactivate or delete the batch if you don't want to use it anymore.

After you've created / edited the batch, to update it right away, please go to the Feed Center > click into the feed that you want to sync now> In Setting. For example if you are setting updating schedule is Hourly - Every 3 hours. Now it's 03:49 PM, and you want right at 03:50 PM, the system will automatically update the Feed information, please enter 03:50 PM at From. You need to update your feed 2 times, the batch will be completed.

The Feed Image Optimization feature is available for both the primary feed and supplementary feed.

If you have any further question about Feed Image Optimization feature, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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