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How to manage your feed (include specific collections/products, schedule submit frequency)

In this new version of FeedHub, we bring a whole new create feed interface and many new features to the table. Let's check out the changes, shall we?

Feed Setting

As aforementioned, each feed now has their own Setting section so you can adjust your settings differently for each one. This is an improvement from the older version so you can take better control of each feed. In this tab, we will have 3 sections - Account Information, Feed Info and Products Source Filtering.

Account Information

This is where you can see your Google Merchant Center/Facebook Catalog/Facebook Shop & Page shop account. You can also go straight to your feed/catalog from here.

Feed Info

Besides having your Feed URL, you are now able to schedule the app to submit your feed and update your URL. This is a new feature that enables you to keep your feed updated and of highest quality.

Hourly: You can set a daily submit frequency, the minimum is every 3 hours and the maximum is every 12 hours starting from a specific time. You can also choose the time zone.

For example, we choose the frequency of Every 6 hours, starting from 1:30 and the timezone of (GMT - 6:00) Central America. It means your feed will be submitted from the app to Google Merchant/Facebook Catalog at 1:30 of the time zone GMT - 6:00. The feed will be submitted again at 7:30 and so on.

Daily: You can set a specific hour at which the feed will be submitted daily

Weekly: You are able to choose a specific day of the week to submit the feed

Product Source Filtering

With this feature, you can decide which products are going to be included in which feed. Isn't it amazing? You have the option to include products manually, or set up rules to include a wide range of products automatically.

Include collections manually: With this feature, you can select several collections contains products (the products have been synced into Product Center) that you want to sync for the feed. Please choose Include Collections, then click Add Collections to choose collections that you want to include.

Include specific products: Enable this function, then choose Select Products. You can search products by name and click Insert to have them included. The included products will be listed by their IDs.

Include products by rule: The products that met the conditions you set will be included from the source. To use, simply enable the feature, then click on Condition(s), choose Field - Operator and input your value.

You can set up two types of condition, which are OR and AND to best suit your needs. To learn more about this feature, please refer to our article here.

The Product Filter within each feed is to include products to your feed, while the Source Filter within your product source is to exclude products from your source.

Those are all the changes with the feed setup and feed setting. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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