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What is Profile Assign in OmniSell?

Articles on: OmniSell

Profile Assign is a feature that will assist you in displaying information about your products in order to draw in your target market based on factors like Category, Attribute mapping, Product type, Condition, etc. You will save time by doing this when mapping Shopify categories to Etsy/Ebay's shipping policies and the Profile Template.


Etsy category: Items can be categorized following the available category that Etsy offers. You can type a two- or three-word description of your item to get category suggestions or simply click Browse Category. A little pop-up appears asking you to identify the category according to your needs.

Attribute mapping: You must describe the type of items that you plan to sell on Etsy in this section.

Product type: There will be two options for you to choose

Physical: A tangible item that you will deliver to buyers.

Digital: A digital file that buyers will download.

Returns and Exchanges policy: The Returns and Exchanges template for this Profile can be made at your discretion.

Variation mapping: You can use this area to link the Shopify attributes to your Etsy for variations listing


eBay category Similar to Etsy setting.

Optional Attributes (Item Specifics): These attributes are optional and can be used for enhancing the product's specification on eBay.

Item condition The majority of eBay categories requires an item condition to guarantee its quality.

The item condition will be followed from New to Used Excellent

You can also provide the Additional condition description (if needed)

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Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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