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Create Shipping Template with Etsy Shop

Articles on: OmniSell

On Etsy Shop, you may have multiple shipping details to map which specific products. Here we can help to setup and manage to map the Shipping template to items you want.

At the onboarding process, it requires you to create a Shipping template and this will be mapped to your all imported products automatically. If you have another shipping info, please follow up the below instructions:

Tap Push to channel tab

Tap Shipping Template tab and + Shipping Template button

Fill in Shipping information

Tap Create button

In details:

Shipping template name: Name the template that you can distinguish from the others.

Country of origin: The location where you ship from.

Processing time: is the time required to prepare for an order ready to be shipped. For custom products, this should include the amount of time taken finish items.

Fixed shipping prices: The rates that shoppers will pay for shipping.

○ Destination: The location your items will be delivered to.

○ Shipping carrier: is the shipping suppliers from your country. This totally based on the Country of origin.

○ Delivery time (Business days): is the time shoppers can receive your order. This should be the combination between Processing time and Transit time from your carrier and today's date. For instance: the Processing time for an order is 3 days, transit time is 5 days. The estimated delivery time should be 9 (included today).

○ What you'll charge: Choosing Free Shipping to apply 0 fee to any orders, or you can select Fixed price and setup (One item price should be higher than Additional items)

You can also work with What is Profile Assign in OmniSell? to map the Shipping Template to specific items.

If you have any question about OmniSell, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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