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Create Profile Template for eBayRequired Attributes (Item Specifics)Optional Attributes (Item Specifics)Item condition

Articles on: OmniSell

At the onboarding process, our app will require users to create a Profile template and this template will be used to auto map to all of your imported products.

If you would need to add multiple Profile Templates for different type of products later on, please follow the below instructions:

Select Products Listing tab > Choose Profile template > Click on + Profile template button

Profile template name: Name the template that you can distinguish from the others.

eBay category: Type a two- or three-word description of your item to get category suggestions that will help more shoppers find it or you can select the category from the Brower category button.

These attributes are required for product listing on eBay

This section will ONLY require for some of the specific Category from eBay. If you don't see one, please move to the next steps

There are 3 Input Methods that you can select at this section:

Set Shopify attribute: You need to select one Shopify attribute to assign to the Value such as Title, Description, Price, etc.,...

Set eBay recommended attribute: You need to select "one eBay attribute" to assign to the Value

Set custom value: You can set any attribute to assign to the Value

These attributes are optional and can be used for enhancing the product's specification on eBay.

Users can choose to assign other attributes from eBay to the Template in this section. At the Input Method, there are also 3 options for users to assign to the Value

Set Shopify attribute

Set eBay recommended attribute

Set custom value

Please refer to the above instruction at "Required Attributes" section for more detailed explanation

Most eBay listing categories require an item condition. It ensures the product's condition, please select one of the conditions at this step.

After filling in all of the information needed, please click Save to complete the Profile Template

If you have any question about OmniSell, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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