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Create Profile Template for Etsy Shop

Articles on: OmniSell

Profile Template will assist in filling information from Category, Listing types (About this listing). You are able to create multiple Profile Templates and assign to appropriate items.

At the onboarding process, it requires creating a Profile template and this will be auto mapped to your all imported products. If you need to have multiple Profile Templates, please follow up the below instructions:

Select Products Listing tab

Choose Profile template and click on + Profile template button

Fill necessary information

Hit Create button

In details:

Profile template name: Name the template that you can distinguish from the others.

Etsy category: Type a two- or three-word description of your item to get category suggestions that will help more shoppers find it or you can select the category from the Brower category button.

○ Attribute mapping: This section is required to describe what type of items you want to sell on Etsy.

○ Who made it? : select one option from three default values (I did; Someone else and Collective).

○ What is it? : A finished product or A supply or tool to make things.

○ When did you make it? : you can choose Make to order to any time range that is provided in this field.

Product type: Are your products tangible or digital?

Returns and Exchanges policy: Tell buyers how you’ll manage returns and exchanges for your listings.

Variation mapping: This section will help you to map Shopify attributes with Etsy to list variations items.

You can also work with Profile Assign to map the Profile Template to specific items.

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Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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