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How to set up the supplementary feed?

In this article, we would like introduce to you a completely new function for Facebook feed. Let's begin to find out it!!

What is a supplementary feed?

Supplementary feed is a new feature of Facebook. It will help you to enhance your Facebook catalog with additional product attributes, supplement the product information provided in another data feed. You can add or update certain fields for existing items in their catalog.

Why do you need to use the supplementary feed?

If the primary feed only provides basic fields, and it doesn't have the enhanced fields such as color, size, gender, age-group, custom field,... or you want to overwrite to information that declaring on the primary feed, you can create a supplementary feed, it will help you add those fields or information that you want.

You can refer to this article to know more basic and enhanced fields on Facebook.

Which case that you need to use the supplementary feed in?

If you created a Facebook feed (primary feed) on our app, you don't need to create a supplementary feed, because the Facebook feed on our app contains all basic and enhance fields.
But if you create a Facebook feed from another app, and it doesn't provide fully fields that you want, you can use our app to create a supplementary feed.

How to create a supplementary feed?

Create a supplementary feed

Please go to the Feed Center > Supplementary Feed tab > click the Add Supplementary Feed button > Connect with Facebook Catalog > Log into your Facebook Business account and grant our app permission stated within the pop-up

Then, you will be taken to the Create Feed page. You need to input the Feed Name, choose your Facebook Business Account, the Catalog ID and Primary feed linked.
Please note: Select an available Primary Feed that has not been connected to any other Supplementary Feed yet

Next, choose the Product Source (the store) you want to sync product from. If you have more than one store, you can choose more than one source.
Finally, you can also choose the exact product to be included in your feed using Product Filter. You can either include products manually by inserting their IDs or set up rules to filter specific product groups.

Edit item ID in the supplementary feed

To match the supplementary and primary feed, you need to check the item ID (Content ID) of the item on the primary feed.

After that, please go to our app > Feed Center > Supplementary Feed tab > click into the feed > Field Mapping > edit the value at the ID field to make sure it is the same with ID on the primary feed
For example:

Before editing

After editing

Edit the enhanced fields

And then, you can edit for the fields that you want, such as:

Gender field

Age group field

Addtional image link field

After you've edited the fields and save, please go to the Feed Center > Supplementary Feed tab > click into the 3 dots icon > Manual submit to sync your feed right away

For example the result of feed after add a supplementary feed

Before adding a supplementary feed

Additional images and Age-group: missing

Gender field: missing

After adding a supplementary feed

Also, you can edit product images in bulk in your supplementary feed to declare to Facebook without having to edit each product image on your website. Please refer to this article to use it.

If you have any further question about the supplementary feed, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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