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How to fix common unique identifiers error in Google Merchant Center (Invalid value [gtin])

Invalid value [gtin]

Google will verify all the gtins that you submitted and will notify if those are incorrect. There are 2 different causes and corresponding solutions to this issue:

You provided the incorrect gtin

gtins are different based on the product type and the target country, therefore, make sure your gtins are correct.

GTINs can be the following numbers: UPC (North America), EAN (Europe), JAN (Japan), ISBN (Books), ITF-14 (all of these are defined below the barcodes on the items). You can check this definition of GTINs to figure out the correct format for each type.

You provided gtin for custom products that do not have gtin

In this case, you should use the identifier_exists attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers are not available for your product. The identifier_exists needs to be set to false or no. Since FeedHub uses Feed file to submit the feed to Google, you need to set the value as no.

If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, drop us a message in the live chat or email us at We are eager to help!

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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