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Turn your product images into visually appealing contentLAYOUTELEMENTTEXTDISCOUNT

Articles on: Socialpublish

Sometimes, you might feel upset with the boring product images in your posts. It also takes time to edit them in another application, then add them back to the post in Socialpublish.

Socialpublish team is pleased to bring you a brand new feature – Image Editor. You can turn boring product images into visually appealing content in a flash!

This feature is integrated in Create Post, so you can refer to this article to learn more details about this function.

After selecting a product, you will immediately see the image editing function in each photo.

Click on the image you want to edit. In Image Editor, there are four main parts, which are Layout, Element, Text and Discount.

You can arrange your pictures freely with our existing layouts. For example, if you want to merge all 4 images into 1, choose the suitable layout. Then, click on the Plus icon within the blank frames to add more images.

Tip: Click on the image to duplicate or delete them from the layout. You can also undo the editing.

On the navigation bar, you can also customize the width of the border, the color of the background as well as the curvature of the corner.

You can add another image from your library, or add the existing discount tags and shapes in our library.

For each element you add, you can adjust its size, opacity, position or rotate it.

Besides, if you choose the shape element, you can also change the color of it.

We have a wide variety of fonts for you to choose from. From the existing font, you are able to adjust it freely (font size, text color, alignment, text styles, line spacing).

You already informed your customers about the promotion within your content, however, no one seems to notice. The key here is to draw customers' attention by your product images with discount tags.

You are able to change the content of Discount percentage and Valid time to fit your promotion.

After all the steps are completed to create a beautiful image, click Save and you will see the edited image at the bottom of the row. Click on it and that amazing image with be published together with your post.

Note: After saving, you cannot edit the image again. Please make sure that you are satisfied with it and ready to publish it to your customer. If not, it might take a little bit time to edit it again from the beginning.

Press Publish Now to let your customer explore your shop as well as your products.

Have more questions about Image Editor? Please feel free to contact us via email us at

Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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