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Why don't I see my post on social media?

Articles on: Socialpublish

A post is already published or scheduled, but when the time is up, it is nowhere to be found on your page. In this case, you can go to Post Center > Error Posts to check if there is any error that prevents the post from being published. 

Here are how you can resolve the errors.

1. Your page is marked as violating Facebook's Community Standards

Since our app complies with Facebook's policies, if Facebook decides that your page violates its guidelines, we cannot allow the post to appear there either. 

Please help to contact Facebook to better understand why your page is removed. 

2. The text length exceeds the platform's text limit

This error usually happens when you schedule a post using Autopilot for a Twitter account. 

To prevent this, please help to re-check before creating Autopilot to make sure your content does not exceed the text limit.

3. The content is duplicated

This happens when you post the same content at the same time. 

Make sure that your posts do not get duplicated by cross-checking content of pending posts of different Autopilots in the Autopilot Queue. The same method can also be used for Scheduled Posts in Post Center when you use Create Post. 

4. You remove the permission for our app on Facebook

SocialPublish cannot get the access token anymore, as you do not authorize the app to connect to your account. 

To solve this, please help to go to Manage Accounts > Reconnect > Grant the permissions needed for the app to access to your account again. Your account should be able to connect to the app normally afterwards.

If you follow the instruction and the error still persists, feel free to contact us via email us at

Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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