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The structure of Socialwidget (Media Source, Gallery and Widget)

Articles on: Socialwidget

From March 2021 onwards, Socialwidget is completely refactored to bring you many highly requested features as well as the best using experience. Let us walk you through the new structure so you can be familiar with this new version in no time.

The app now has three main functions: Media Source, Gallery and Widget.

Media Source is a place that contains all your Instagram accounts (you can connect two types of account including Personal account and Business account).

Notably, an Instagram Business account can also crawl media (photos, videos, carousels) from other Business accounts or crawl media with a specific hashtag.

After connecting your account(s), our app will start syncing the media from your account to the app. Then, you can start creating a Gallery to choose which media can be displayed on your store.

There is no limit on how many account you can connect to the app. However, you can only create 5 media sources.

Gallery holds all the media that our app crawls from your account(s).

The special thing is a you can set up a Gallery to gather media from one Media Source, or from many Media Sources at the same time. Moreover, there is no limit on how many Gallery you can create.

This gives you complete freedom when choosing what to display on your store. For example, you can create a gallery that contains images/videos about a specific product from both your customer's hashtags and your own account.

In Gallery, you can choose to pin a media so it can be displayed first in a Widget. You can also tag a product and its variants to a media, or hide a media from the Widget.

After creating a Gallery, you can proceed to create a Widget so the chosen media can be displayed on your store.

A Widget displays the media that you have chosen in the Gallery onto your store. You can customize the widget's style on both desktop and mobile (layout, heading, item, popup) as well as its position on your page (by auto-install or by manual install).

A Widget can only be connected to one Gallery. Moreover, you can place many Widgets on the same page.

That's it! If you have any further question about this new version, do not hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 09/01/2024

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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