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Add CTA button (add to cart, direct to check out) to your Instagram feed to boost conversion rate

Articles on: Socialwidget

By having of call to action button, the merchant can increase their chance of order converting with check out button and add to cart button

The first thing that you have to do before you want to add this power feature to your Instagram feed is to tag the product in your image first. Please refer to the this document on how to add products to each image in your Instagram feed.

After completing steps tag products, please go through the widget and click ''edit'' the widget you want to add CTA buttons.

Select '' Next '' to go to step 2, at '' Customize widget '' term, please click on '' Popup settings ''.

Here, you can easily choose the type of display and choose the CTA to encourage customers to place an order according to your desire for customer behavior.

If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, do not hesitate to drop us a message in the live chat or email us at We would love to help you out!

Updated on: 09/01/2024

Updated on: 21/04/2024

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