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How to use Latest Product autopilotHow it worksHow to set up

Articles on: Socialpublish

Within a few clicks, you are able to plan and schedule content ahead for every newly added product. When time is up, posts promoting new products are published automatically, keeping your followers up-to-date on your new exciting products.

How to activate the Autopilot?

You create a Latest Product autopilot first, then add new products to your store. The autopilot will detect these products and include them in the queue.

How to know if it is activated?

When the autopilot is created, it does not have any queue post yet. Once you add new products, they will appear in the queue, along with the date and time of when they will be published.

In short, if there are posts in the queue, then your autopilot is active. 

How can a product be considered as "new"?

The product has to be published for the first time.

When will my product be published?

You publish a product for the first time on Monday (20 July), so it will be published within 3 days from Monday (20 July) to Wednesday (22 July). This way, a product is published within 3 days from the day it is created, keeping it new.

Based on the amount of posts you schedule per day, our app will automatically calculate to post a product within 3 days after it is created. If a product still does not get published after 3 days, the post for this product will be skipped.

How many autopilot can I create?

You can only create one Latest Product autopilot for each social account.

Navigate to latest product autopilot

Go to Autopilot > Create Auto Pilot > Choose Latest Product > Click on the social media account you want to set autopilot

Set a name

Add content

Similar to Random Product autopilot, you can choose between using our existing templates by clicking Add Template, or to create your own content.

If you choose to create your own content, make sure that you fully utilize the product's variant, Bitly function, hashtag and icon to create contents that best suit your brand's presence with the smallest effort.

Add product

Then, choose to display your product as Link or Image


Choose the timezone, publish time and day for your autopilot

Note: If you choose more than three time range, a warning will appear. We advise you to publish one post per day to avoid getting blocked by Facebook for spamming (especially if your page has less than 100 followers).  

Create Autopilot

Click Create Campaign

Your autopilot plan will appear, categorized by linked social media accounts. If you want to edit the Autopilot, simply click on it. Moreover, you can choose to Pause or Delete it. 

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, we're here to help! You can email us at Our team will be happy to provide any support or information you need.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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