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How to solve the disconnected issue on Facebook feed

Sometimes, due to change of Facebook session for security reasons or the Facebook account's password has been changed, your Facebook feed can be disconnected and as the result, the products' information can not be synced automatically to the Facebook Catalog. In this article, we will help you to re-connect your Facebook feed step-by-step.

Facebook feed was disconnected in FeedHub

Above is an example for this issue, when you go to Feed Center in FeedHub and hover on the exclamation mark of your Facebook feed, a notification appears and tells you that "The access token is invalid because the account's password has been changed or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons"

To fix this, kindly click on the Reconnect button and make sure that you log in the correct Facebook account that you connected with the feed at the beginning. Next, choose " Continue as [Your Facebook name] "

Then, confirm the Business Facebook account and the Catalog that the feed is connected and click on Continue button to move on other steps.

After that, your Facebook feed can work normally again.

In case that you still see this issue after you follow above instruction

Kindly click on Reconnect button again, when the log in window pops up, choose Edit Settings.

Click on Continue button.

At this step, kindly make sure Socialhead is connected to correct the Facebook Business account and the Catalog which your Facebook Catalog is submitted to. You can change these information if you find they are not correct by clicking on the information you want to adjust. First, choose the correct Business Account.

Next, select the correct Facebook Catalog that the feed is linked.

Confirm these information again and click on Continue button.

Click on Next button.

Finally, click on Done once you finish and your feed will work normally again.

Another thing you should notice that you should re-check whether Socialhead was removed its access from the business features that it can manage in your Business Integrations of your Facebook account.

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Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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