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How to submit products to TikTok Shop by a product feed?

In FeedHub, we are proud to introduce the latest feature in the app which allows you to push products to TikTok Shop - one of the trending social commerce platforms recently. Let's see what we'll walk you through in this article:

A. How to push products to TikTok Shop by a product feed?
B. How to view my products on TikTok Shop?

How to submit products to TikTok Shop by a product feed?

Before you begin, you need to have a TikTok Shop for your TikTok Business account which validated by TikTok.

Go to Feed Center > Click on Add Feed > Choose Connect with TikTok Shop. A pop-up will appear, you need to authorize your account by selecting the Region where your TikTok Shop is based and grant our app permission stated within the pop-up after log-in your account:

After inputting the feed's Name, kindly choose the TikTok Shop Category for items in the feed:

Kindly notice that only one Category can be selected in one TikTok Shop feed. If your products have different categories, we suggest you divide them into different collections based on their correct categories and create feeds with each of them to get the better result.
At General Config:
Apply Cash on Delivery (COD): this option will be disabled as the default. However, you can activate it as you want.
Brand: select one of values that are given by TikTok. The default "No Brand" should be assigned in case you cannot find the authorized one from the list.
Physical product: adjust the dimensions that you want the app to apply for all of the items in the feed in case your products don't have those values.

Next, choose the product that matches the category that was selected above. Feel free to choose All Products or Collection in order to decide which products will be in the feed. Then, you can also choose the exact product to be included in your feed using Product Filter. You can either include products manually by inserting their IDs or set up rules to filter specific product groups. Finally, hit the Create Feed button.

At first, the status of products will be Pushing as they are being uploaded to TikTok Shop. After they are submitted successfully, they will have the Live status, and you can see them appear on your TikTok Shop. In the other hand, the ones which are rejected due to errors will have "Error" status with the details returned by TikTok in the feed:

How to adjust and manage items' information with Field Mapping tab?

After create TikTok Shop, you can use the Field Mapping tab to manage value of Feed fields

Input a value for a field

Assign a value: Simply click in the drop-down menu and choose the most suitable value for the Field in the feed. You can also combine multiple values for a Field.

Type text or number: You can add Text or Number to the field, the value will be applied for all your products in Feed.

TikTok Shop Feed does not support Add rule feature

How to view my products on TikTok Shop?

At the top right corner of your feed, click on Open TikTok Shop button, you will be re-directed to the Homepage of TikTok Shop Seller Center:

Access Manage Products tab under Products section, you can see all the items which are pushed successfully here and freely adjust the information as you want manually:

If you have any further question about the TikTok Shop feed, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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