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Get Started with Google in OnePixel

Articles on: OnePixel

We are moving to Shopify's embedded app for your best experience. To manage the app, please go to your Shopify Admin → Apps → Search Facebook Pixel & TikTok Pixel → Tap Pin to your navigation to make it tick with this homepage, and you don't need to search every time accessing it. Kindly click HERE to refer more detailed instructions.


A Google Account which already connected with Google Ads account.

Quickstart Guide:

After install app successful, access into OnePixel from your Shopify Admin Panel.

In this step, you will need to Register a Socialhead Account, this account will help you manage multiple Shopify Store. Or you can Login if you already have Socialhead Account.

Choose your right plan before you start to setup

Then you will see the page below, the app now allows you connect with Google platform

Now you have to make sure you are logged into the right Google account first, then click button Connect Google Account

Next, in the Settings tab, you can see the Google account that you connect to the app

Now you can add new conversion to the app

We recommend to create a new conversion to get the clearly data from your Google Ads account. In this step, please select your ad account, then fill out name this conversion.

Note: "Name this conversion" field can not be the same with your current or old conversions' name

There are 2 options in this step, you can enable it as your requirements
Include shipping charges in sales value (not recommend): the shipping charge is deducted from your total prices as default. If you need to add it to the sales value, please turn on this option.

Enable enhanced conversions: you can get more information from the order from Server side with these data

Phone number
Country code
Postal code and
User agent

With this function, you can get more details about order.

Please kindly note: After turning on the Enhanced conversions in the app, you also need to turn on the Enhanced conversion on your Google ad account in order to track those information. Please go to your Google ad account click the Goals icon > Settings > Enhanced conversions > Click on " Turn on enhanced conversions".

Next, click on Select an option, select Google Tag

Under the Google Tag manual setup there are 2 options

-Enter Javascript or CSS selectors
-Edit code

Select Edit code option and click Save, now your enhanced conversions is turned on.

In this step, you do not need further action as OnePixel assists you to add a code already when you turn on Enhanced conversions feature in the app.

From now on, you can add the Google Pixel to the app manually and do not need to connect with Google account.

Please go to our app > Manual input > in Google Ads tab > click "Add New Conversion" > please fill all necessary information.

Name this conversion
Conversion ID
Conversion Label

After that click Save to complete.

Name this conversion
Conversion ID
Conversion Label

Where can I get my Google ads conversion ID and Label? From your Google ads dashboard, go to “Tools and Settings” > “Measurement” > “Conversions”.

In the “Conversion action” column, choose “Purchase”.

From here, choose “Tag setup” > “Use Google Tag Manager”. These are Conversion ID and Conversion Label respectively.

In this setup, you can also enable the "Include shipping charges in sales value (not recommend)" option

View Tracking Event on Shopify Website with Pixel Helper. You can download this from Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google)

Note: OnePixel only support to track the "Purchase" event

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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