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Removing OnePixel’s authorization from Facebook

Articles on: OnePixel

The Facebook login feature of the OnePixel app is facilitated by a Facebook app that can be removed or edited in the Business Integration settings in your Facebook Profile.

To remove or edit the authorization, follow these steps:

Login into the right Facebook Account.

Go to your Facebook Business Integration. Or simplify click

In the list, you can search the keyword “Socialhead“.

Click the checkbox and "Remove" to remove the integration, or click on "View and edit". You can add Business Managers here that you haven't given authorization to before.

Please note: Socialhead Facebook App handles all Socialhead’s Apps, including: Socialpublish; Socialwidget; Socialreply; Socialshop; and OnePixel. If you remove this integration from Business Integration, all these apps can not work properly.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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