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Pricing Plan Explanation of OnePixel $ Pixel Quantity Current users Enterprise plan

Articles on: OnePixel

Pricing plans that scale with you! Check out here to get more familiar 📖🔍

We will charge you based on your pixel quantity that you want to connect to our app, please refer to this pricing page to know more about it: CLICK HERE

What if you've stayed with us before these upgrading plans? Don't worry, we appreciate much for your companionship since our very first days. Let's check out what you can get 🙆🏼‍♀️

○ Priority user: You will be marked as Priority user

○ Pixel Quantity: Limit pixel quantity equals to quantity that you are using. For instance: If you have 3 pixels that are connecting with our app, the limit pixel quantity is 3. You can delete a pixel that is connecting to our app to connect a new one.

○ Conversion API feature: this is the premium feature and you can use it.

These special offers for Pixel Quantity and Conversion API feature won't be available once you choose a SocialPixel plan or remove and reinstall the app.

Let's join our Enterprise plan If the fixed pricing plans don't provide enough pixel quantity you need.

Choose Pricing tab

Choose Request Enterprise Plan

Fill in Number of Pixels

Send request

If you have any further concerns, text us at the live chat or email at

Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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