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How to customize events for TikTok pixel

Articles on: OnePixel

Recognizing the diverse requirements of our user base, we're thrilled to unveil a feature that empowers you to switch between product_id and variant_id values as needed.

These are the events that OnePixel supports for tracking when utilizing the TikTok Pixel. With this new feature, you are in full control. You can easily toggle between product_id and variant_id as needed for each event. You have the option to restore them to their default settings as below. You can also easily customize events by connecting pixels automatically and manually.

ViewContent - ON - variant_id

AddToCart - ON - variant_id

InitiateCheckout - ON - variant_id

AddPaymentInfo - ON - variant_id

PlaceAnOrder - ON - variant_id

CompletePayment - ON - variant_id

Purchase - OFF - variant_id

Search - ON - variant_id

Note: The handling of the "AddPaymentInfo" event is only managed through the Server-side API, not on the Browser.

When an event is disabled, neither the server nor the browser will track it.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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