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How to create a Lookalike Audience. What is Facebook Lookalike Audience?

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In this article, we would like to introduce the new function that will help you expand your potential customers.

Lookalike Audience is a tool of the Facebook advertising browser that allows expanding the Custom Audience file.
Based on the interests and behaviors of old customers, etc... to find out a number of new potential customers who also have the same interests and behaviors.. Therefore, the lookalike audience is the tool to help continue to reach people like your existing customers.
For marketers, this tool is very powerful because it allows advertisers to target users - potential customers of businesses. If that list is analyzed well, advertisers can completely search for customers by location, interests, needs, activities, and behavior based on Facebook.

The problems the merchants often face are running campaigns to increase page likes and excluding old UIDs to avoid duplication. What happens when you've run out of target audience lists and your advertising still isn't effective?

At this moment, Lookalike Audience is one of the extremely effective solutions, helping you to solve the problem you are facing. Lookalike Audience allows you to expand your customer list to reach more new people who have similar needs, interests, characteristics, behaviors, activities, etc., to your original audience file. And of course they are your new potential customers too!

There is 2 creating ways to create a Lookalike Audience
- Audience Based: Create a Lookalike Audience based on one or more existing Custom Audiences.
- Campaign Based: Create a Lookalike Audience based on one or more existing advertising campaigns.

1. Create a Lookalike Audience based on Audience

Kindly go to Facebook > Audience > Lookalike audience on our app. Then, please fully fill in all information as a requirement

- Lookalike Mode: choose Audience Based
- Select Ad Account: select your ad account that you want
- Base Audiences: select the audience files that you want.
You can select many audience files, each audience file will generate a corresponding lookalike audience

- Target Area:

+ Select Country based: select the countries that you want.
If you select Combine Countries, the app will create one Lookalike Audience.
If you select Separate Countries for each LAA, the app will create one Lookalike Audiences for each country.

+ Select Region based: select region that you want
Note: even if you select Combine Countries or Separate Countries for each LAA, the app only generates one Lookalike Audience.

- Audience Size: choose the size from 1% to 20%.
If you select many sizes, each size will generate a corresponding Lookalike Audience.

Note that the larger the audience file, such as 7 - 20%, the lower the similarity of the users. That means if you choose a smaller audience, only about 1-2%, the people in that set are more similar to your original customer set. Thus, the advertising effect will be much better.

2. Create a Lookalike audience based on Campaign

Similar to creating a Lookalike Audience based on Audience, however the difference is that you need to choose the campaign and adset you want.
Note: even you select one or more campaigns and adsets, the app only generates one Lookalike Audience.

After creating, the Lookalike Audience will be synced to your Facebook Business.

If you have any further questions about Lookalike Audience, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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