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How to create a Custom Audience

Articles on: OnePixel

In this article, we will show you how to create a customer file based on events tracking data from the pixel.

Custom Audience is a tool developed by Facebook that allows marketers to create the desired customer file to increase efficiency when running Facebook Ads.

When the customer views a product, we believe they are interested in that product. But for some reasons that they haven't completed the order right away such as needing more time to think, asking relatives or friends, checking the price on other websites, etc...the Custom Audience will have full effect. It will help you remarket to the right that customers.

For example you can create a Custom Audience of customers who have visited your website and viewed that product in the last 7 days to run remarketing.

Marketers often create a Custom Audiences with the following 2 purposes:

- Remarketing to existing customers who have visited the website.
- Use the Custom Audiences to create a Lookalike Audience (click HERE to learn it) Especially to mention the Lookalike Audience, this is like a perfect duo that Facebook creates for advertisers. If you haven't tried Lookalike Audience yet, you're probably losing out on a huge customer base.

Custom Audience Builder is where you can set up audience files depending on your requirements. It will make your work easier and save time to create multiple audiences at once.

Kindly go to Facebook > Audience -> Custom Audience on our app. Then, please fully fill in all information as a requirement. There are 6 main components in Custom Audience Builder

Audience Name

First enter your audience name

Select ad account

Select available ad account in the dropdown

Select Pixel

Select pixel which you want to look up data

Filter option

Select one filter option: there are 2 options of filter

*Event Based: It is including 5 events type:
-View Content
-Add to cart
-Initiate checkout
Note: you can select maximum 5 events

URL Based: The data will filter based on URL

Users who fulfill: This is where you set rules for your custom audience. In the Audience rule, you can select parameters in the dropdown list and choose how the parameter contains, then type the content.

Tick All Rules when you want to apply all below rules.
Tick Any Rule to meet one of the rules below.

For example:
In audience rule 1, filter option Events based , select content_ name in the dropdown, then select contains and write down the name that you need to contain such as T-shirt

In audience rule 1, filter option URL based , select url in the dropdown, then select contains and write down the name that you need to contain such as T-shirt

Click Add new rule to create one more rule. Note you can add a maximum of 5 rules.

Look-back Periods: this feature allows you to choose the number of days that we should look in the past for traffic. The good news is that our app offers users to create multiple date ranges to look up data.

Once you click Create Audience, there will be a notification to let you know how many audiences will be created. Click Confirm to see the audience list.

Please note: if you select one filter option “View content” and 3 look-back periods of time, then there are 3 different audiences created.

After creating, the Custom Audience will be synced to your Facebook Business.

If you have any further questions about Custom Audience Builder, don't hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at

Updated on: 31/12/2023

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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