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I. Payment

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I. Payment

Since our apps are using Shopify Payment system, we have to follow all of their Policies, therefore please read more here for more details.

In case you're having any issues with your charging/payment procedure, please contact Shopify support team as soon as possible. Also, kindly notify us by our live chat, or our email.

For upgrading and downgrading concern(s) during the billing period, please refer to this link here.

II. Refund

Please keep in mind that you have agreed to our Terms of Service once you approved the Shopify charge. ALL charges made on Perfect Apps products can NOT be canceled.

Note: Any payment processed through Shopify system will be included Shopify fee and processing fee. Therefore, the refunded amount will not include the fees taken by Shopify system.


You should contact us via our live chat, or our email to describe your problem(s). We DO NOT guarantee that your refund request will be accepted, because each app has its own policy.

The scope of work is based on the Support Policy (information above). All processes must follow the Support Policy in order to get the final confirmation from both sides.

During the progress of supporting, you have to understand all standards and the Abuse rules (see our Support Policy).

If our support team confirms that they are unable to fix the problem.

All bugs need to be considered within the scope of works (please review the Support Policy).


You changed your mind about the purchase, or you chose not to use the product anymore, or you find that our product does NOT suit your needs after free trial period.

Your descriptions are detected as “out of scope” (please review the Support Policy)

You did NOT contact support team for help.

You are unable to show proof, or screenshot of broken/missing part.

You are unable to show proof, or screenshot related to your bugs.

You do NOT want to share your staff account for us to check the issue.

You repeatedly installed and uninstalled our products, and ask for a refund.

You repeatedly send the same contents, and negotiate for a refund (full refund or partial refund).

You express your behaviors in some ways of showing an intention to cause a threat to PerfectApps.

You express your behaviors in some ways of threatening the Support Team.

You say that you install the wrong product, and want to get a refund. You should check out your order carefully before making the payment.

Besides recurring application charges, for usage charges you have to top-up your money to your account to send message, so this charge will not be refunded. In order words, these charges are variable based on how much you're using the app.


 Updates to the refund policy:

This refund policy can be updated at any time, WITHOUT prior notice, and is applicable immediately for ALL subscriptions and subscribers.  It is considered an integral part of our Terms of Service, and its acceptance is mandatory for ALL users.

PerfectApps reserves the right to refuse refunds if ANY efforts of refund policy abuse are detected.

If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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