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How to check the status of feed not updating new products

FeedHub support to update your feed automatically, in some cases after you have updated a new product but the product is not in the feed, please check the 2 sync schedule.

At FeedHub, we have 2 sync schedule, one that syncs products from the store to the app, and one that syncs from the app to the feed

1. Sync flow from store to FeedHub app

To check the sync schedule from the store to the app, please select Source management and view Schedule Sync

To check if a new product has been added to our application, you can go to the product center and search for that product in the search bar.

2. Sync flow from app to feed

To check the sync schedule from the app to the feed, please click into the feed , click to Setting and view Feed Info

If your product is already in the product center, but has not been updated to the feed, please patient and wait until the next sync time

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 17/04/2024

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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