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How can I optimize theme?

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I. What is Optimize theme?

II. Start to optimize

At default, we use tech methods such as Lazy load image, Minify CSS file, Extract critical CSS, Preload web fonts, Minify Javascript file to optimize your theme. Please refer to this article for more information about technologies we use to optimize theme.

To optimize your theme, simply click on the button "Start"

Note: Swift does create a duplicated theme from your original theme, then apply our code as the above methods on this duplicated theme. We will let you preview all changes/optimization on the duplicated theme before you decide to apply our code and publish changes/optimization on your original theme or not

III. Theme History

On Optimization History, you could overview Time to get log, the number of file in Theme Optimization and theme name.

Optimization history: load 5 latest logs sequentially from the upper to the bottom, and from the newest to the oldest log. If it's over 5 logs, it will jump to the next page.
All logs will be saved within 30 days from the beginning, logs will be cleared automatically after 30 days.

Special note:

If you have run all the optimize tool but your speed score on Google PageSpeed Insight can not increase much, that's because your current theme structure is having specially heavy elements that need a deeper investigation rather than an auto tool. In that case, you can consider to use our Swift Expert service where our senior developers will look into your site to apply appropriate optimize method with guarantee to increase your speed score significantly.

Hope this would be helpful for you.
Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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